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We are dedicated to participant support. Knowing the needs of our clients and the participants of the retirement plans that we service, HB Retirement Plan Services created HB Retirement Central. Retirement Central’s purpose is to provide excellent customer service. During business hours any participant in any of  the plans we advise can call a designated line to get their questions answered. Our client service team has experience with over 20 different record keeping platforms and facilitates requests on an individualized basis. They are available for the most basic questions about retirement plans to helping provide consistent asset allocation to keeping up to date about loan requests. Calling into a record keeper to get answers can be difficult. Often times the client reaches a call center and cannot reach the same representative consistently. We eliminate this problem by helping the client through their phone request to the record keeper. We know the appropriate questions to ask, the appropriate forms to request, and the process of how things actually get done. It is one more way we take care of our clients.

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