At HB Retirement, we believe investing is a marathon and not a sprint, and the most successful investment methodologies should not be measured by whether they beat a benchmark in a given year but by how they have performed over a complete investment cycle.

Instead of engaging in an imprudent chase for market returns, our firm employs a sustainable investment approach that seeks to participate in upside market activity while mitigating losses on the downside, and we favor investment managers who incorporate a like-minded methodology. Over time, we believe a risk-mitigation investment strategy may positively impact long-term portfolio values and outpace benchmark returns when measured over multiple years. Our investment methodology may appear intricate, although it is indeed simple in its focus: We strive to help people through their life cycle by endeavoring to build wealth, protect assets and generate income.

Managing risk is central to what we do at HB Retirement. Our investment team continuously monitors financial market conditions, current events and the global economy to determine asset allocation across our portfolios and risk management thresholds. We stand ready to respond to changing conditions; however, we are more than just a trader – our eyes will always be focused on the long-term goals of our clients.

In order to find the investments best suited to each client and their stage of retirement planning, we begin by determining their risk tolerance. Our team of advisors spend time getting to know you, your complete financial picture, and spending habits prior to and during retirement. We utilize interactive risk alignment software to ascertain how much risk you feel comfortable with and ensure your investments are aligned accordingly. Through our case work, we can then incorporate our custom portfolios as well as other products and strategies that seek to ensure your plan is diversified. Our portfolios can cater to any investor ranging from conservative through aggressive.

Our conservative portfolio, designed for investors who aim to prioritize protecting principal, features a high percentage of fixed income with some equity. On the other end, our aggressive portfolio is 100% equity with no fixed income and is constructed for investors who are willing to accept substantial risk in order to maximize potential returns. We utilize a core-satellite equity construct designed with the goal of mitigating risks in down markets.


“Protection is a key tenet of our philosophy. In our office, we emphasize participate and protect – we want to participate in the upsides of the market for growth, but also have a strong protection plan in place. When markets are lower, we strive to protect our customers’ assets more and mitigate losses compared to different investment strategies.”
John Kirkpatrick, CIMA®, AIF®, Investment Research Associate


Our wealth management portfolios are grounded in both fundamental and technical research. Asset allocation is determined by our disciplined process, which examines three primary factors: price trend strength across global markets, economic indicators, and valuation and profitability. Our portfolios use a blend of active and passive fund exposure that is monitored against custom benchmarks based on the asset classes’ historical risk and return profile. While it may seem complex, our work is designed to keep your life simple. 

Our Research Process

When it comes to active management, HB Retirement employs a robust quantitative and qualitative process to select investment managers. Our methodology favors managers with top risk-adjusted performance over multiple time frames, and those that display an aptitude for security selection and risk management rigor. We begin by screening a universe of well over 10,000 mutual funds to find the top-tier managers in each asset class who have historically demonstrated consistent performance. From this pool, we begin to further examine the manager’s operations, including the stability of the parent organization, the structure of the investment team, their methodology, and overall processes. After we select a manager, we maintain strict oversight by reviewing the fund’s holdings, monitor any investment process changes, and meet with key personnel annually.
Our passive management philosophy must also meet strict longevity and asset minimum requirements. We assess the exchange-traded fund (ETF) manufacturer, its resources, and its ability to manage passive strategy in various market conditions.

No matter where you are in your retirement planning process, HB Retirement strives to help you participate in the market while protecting the wealth you have accumulated. As an independent firm, we offer our clients a wide variety of investments including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, individual equity and fixed-income securities, structured products, and annuities, with no ties to any specific manager. When you become our client, you join the HB family, where we truly care about your success and financial well-being.